Director Addresses

The introduction of the Companies Act 2006 has led to some interesting changes for company officers. From 1 October 2009 Company Directors will be able to use a service address. This address will be recorded at Companies House.

This will mean that two addresses will need to be supplied to Companies House. The first address will be the director’s home address. If requested this will be protected information and not supplied on the public register. The second address can be a ‘service address’. This address will be supplied on the public register.

This change protects a Director’s home address and prevents the general public from having access to a Director’s home address.

Can is use my residential address as my service address?

Yes. Many company directors will continue to supply only their home/residential address to Companies House. Where this occurs the single address will be held as both the service address and the director’s residential address. It is not a requirement that there are two different addresses.

Do Director’s still need to supply their home address to Companies House?

Yes. A Director will still need to provide their residential address to Companies House. If a service address is to be used then this address is supplied in addition to the service address. The service address is made public, the residential address is protected information.

Why is the home address still supplied to Companies House?

Under the Companies Act it is a legal requirement that a director supplies their residential address.

Can I use the registered office address as a Director’s service address?

Yes. The registered office address can be used as a service address if you wish. However, the service address does not have to be the registered address, you may choose to use a different address. The address must be a genuine location. It is not permitted to use a PO Box or a legal DX address. The address should accessible to anyone wishing to deliver a document to the director. An example of this would be a legal notice being served.

Who can access a Director’s residential address?

Only the following organisations will be able to access the information relating to a director’s residential addresses:

  • A select group of public authorities and government organisations. For example HM Revenue and Customs, The Police.
  • Credit reference agencies will be able to check the data when assessing applications for credit on behalf of the company.  They may also access the data to meet the obligations set out by the Money Laundering Regulations.

If a Director has a Confidentiality Order on 30 September 2009 then the residential address will not be supplied to Credit reference Agencies. From 1st October 2009 if a director is at risk of harm they will be able to apply under Section 243(5) for their usual residential address not to be disclosed to Credit Reference Agencies.

What if I use an address that is not accessible or effective?

This may result in the address being banned from the public register for 5 years. In addition it may result in the Director’s residential address being placed on the public register as the service address.

Can the service address be outside the UK?

Yes. A director that is not resident in the UK can either declare their home address as the service address or provide an alternative UK or overseas service address. The address must be effective. Companies House will always contact the director via the service address. If this address whether in the UK or overseas is found to be ineffective then Companies House may take the appropriate action as highlighted above.

Can a director’s service address be a PO Box?

No. All service addresses need to be a physical location where documents can be delivered and if requested a receipt issued for the delivery of a document. Use of a PO Box, DX address or similar service will mean that the address is not effective and action may be taken by Companies House.

Can companies registered before 1 October 2009 use a service address?

Yes. On 1 October 2009 all companies on the register will automatically have their existing residential address declared as the service address. If a company director wants to change this on or after 1 October 2009 then form CH01 needs to be filed to update the records with a new service address.

If a director uses their residential address as the service address is this stated on the public register?

No. Anyone checking the public register will simply be provided with the service address. There is no reference or comment that this is the same as the home address.

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