April 2008


  • The maximum age for Directors of Public Limited Companies (PLC’s) will be removed. Previously the maximum age was 70.
  • Directors will no longer need to provide details of their interests in shares or debentures of the company or its group. This will mean that Companies House will no longer accept Form 325 (Location of Register of director’s interests in shares), or Form 325a (Notice for inspection of a register of directors interests in shares kept in a non-legible format).
  • The statutory annual report made by the Secretary of State to Parliament will cease. BERR will continue to produce the information.
  • Directors will not be required to disclose their interests in shares in the Directors report of the Annual Accounts for reports signed on or after 6 April.
  • Takeover forms will be replaced with forms that align with the clauses of the new Act: 429(4) Notice of non-assenting shareholders will become Form 980(1); 429dec Statutory Declaration relating to a Notice to non-assenting shares will become Form 980(dec); 430A Notice to non-assenting shareholders will become Form 984
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