The Companies Acts have always required companies to complete various administrative duties. From incorporation, to updating details on the company register, to filing annual returns and accounts.

Historically companies have always faced an administrative burden under the Companies Acts. From the incorporation of the company to winding up an unwanted company there have always been forms to complete and file at Companies House.

So changes to filing does the new Companies Act 2006 introduce?

New Forms – The first point to highlight is that all company forms have been renamed. Gone are the old forms called 288a, 288b, and 287 that were used to amend company officer details and registered office addresses. Incorporation forms 10 and 12 are now historical documents that will not be used again after 1 October 2009. The renaming of the forms was required as their names refer to the relavnt section of the act they affect and also to avoid confusion over old and new form types.

Accounts and Late Filing Penalties – Late filing penalties have been increased for any company that files their accounts late. Companies may also be caught out by a reduction in filing deadlines. The time given for filing company accounts at Companies House has been reduced.

WebFiling – WebFiling is the electronic system offered by Companies House to file forms direct with the registrar via their website. This service was available via the 1985 act and is maintained for the new act.

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